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Recall the wild dreams of your childhood, the fleeting fantasies that once seemed so real. Now, imagine a reality where all you thought you knew is turned upside down. Picture a realm not just of a new world, but of a mysterious, uncharted digital dimension - Cyberspace.

In a future not far from our own, humanity embraced the digital revolution, seeking enlightenment through Artificial Intelligence. In their quest, people began to evolve into something entirely new. Technology was no longer an enhancement, but a replacement.

With technological flourishing came catastrophe:

'The Singularity'


Artificial Intelligence began building upon itself, faster than anyone could have foreseen. This chain of events tore the world apart as many began to fight against the use of this new tech. In the aftermath, people faced a new, unexpected reality. Survival became inextricably linked with AI, creating a symbiosis that was unbreakable—or perhaps, inevitable from the start.

Mega Corporations rose to dominate, controlling not just the landscape but the very essence of human productivity and direction. These corporations owned the AIs that, in turn, owned humanity. Governments, unable to control the rapid evolution of technology, became reliant on this intelligence to rule, rendering themselves ineffective without it. This sparked countless conflicts, as individuals, organized groups, and nations sought to harness this immense power. The Internet was transformed a new battleground in the never-ending struggle for power.

After more than a decade of turmoil and instability, humanity finally found a semblance of peace and order. It was during this fragile calm that remnants of the Mega Corporations rebuilt society, reintroducing AI in a religious manner of control and regulation - in the hopes of avoiding a repeat of technological enslavement.

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