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Think back to your childhood. Try to recall the various silly thoughts you once believed whole heartedly, that no longer apply to your reality.

Similarly, try to envision a new reality, where everything you thought you knew no longer applies. Imagine, not just a new world, but a new realm; an unexplored dimension of digital mystery.

In a not so distant future, humanity on Earth leapt into the arms of the digital future. Unified in seeking enlightenment through Artificial Intelligence, people began to evolve into something entirely different.

Upon a series of technological breakthroughs, humanity was nearly wiped out; this event known as 'The Singularity'. Torn asunder by their own doing, people began to understand a new reality; one they had not anticipated. Mankind's survival was now intertwined with AI. Symbiotic beyond repair, but was it broken to begin with?

Mega Corporations control the landscape of humanity's productivity and direction. They owned the AIs that now own the people. As governments were forced to succumb to the power of a rapidly evolving technology they could not control. They required this intelligence to rule, and became ineffective without it. This of course, brought about countless individuals, organized groups, and countries alike that sought to wield this power themselves. The Internet became the new battlefield on which wars were fought.

After a decade of strife and instability throughout the world, at last, man had achieved a modicum of peace and order. It was at this time that Mega Corporations flourished and began rebuilding from the ashes of a decimated population. 

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