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Do I have to purchase the game to play it?

- Nope. If you want to try the game out before buying, there's a demo version of the APK you can download here on the site and install to your headset!

Is there multiplayer? Can I play with friends?

- No, not at the moment :( but there are plans down the road for multiplayer co-op if we continue to hit our milestone goals on SubscribeStar....

There's a lot of movement going on; Can I play seated?

- If you've got the skills to pay the bills, you can absolutely play seated. There are a plethora of comfort options in the settings menus to make sure players play the way they feel the most comfortable. That being said, the game is fairly fast moving (like beatsaber) and requires 360° awareness (this can still be achieved by rotating your view with the thumbsticks while seated).

Can I customize my weapons or character?

- Absolutely! I personally love customization in games and made sure there would be an emphasis on customizing your loadouts all throughout your playthrough. There's a crafting system that allows you to unlock new items and a loadout menu that allows to change the color scheme of your character and weapons!

Is this game safe for kids?

- Watch some gameplay footage before making that decision for yourself. There is "cartoon violence" that could be viewed as intense. There's no human or animal body parts, no human blood or gore. 

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