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Here's how you can get your hands on the game and bonuses too:

- The game will be offered at a discount for purchasing while in Early Access. Owning the early access version will get you the official version on launch for no additional cost.

- Early Access: Early Access is offered through both SideQuest and Subcscribe Star. You can purchase the game through SideQuest and receive updates on that platform.


You can also subscribe to the Reality Shift SubscribeStar page will give you access to the closed Alpha development channel on App Lab. This means that as long as you are subscribed, you will receive recurring updates to the game as well as exclusive content. *Note* These updates are not guaranteed to make it to the Demo or SideQuest versions.v

- Subscribers who donate more than the cost of the game on release will receive a copy of the game as well as exclusive in game cosmetics as a thanks for their support <3

- Free Demo: Knights of Neon has gone free to play! (kind of...) You can download a demo version of the game to try out on SideQuest to see if you like the game before buying. 

- The current official release date is set to be in late Q4 2024 - early 2025.

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